Fleur de Courge - Fleur galet musique

Fleur de Courge - Fleur galet musique


Name : Fleur galet musique

Each of her galets carries a secret message while traveling around the world. This message is an ode to nature. I's particular, created and signed by the artist. You will discover them if you adopt them.

Size : 17x10cm

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    All her work is handmade and each artwork is unique. These galets are modeled "prompt" cement and is obtained by cooking from 1000 to 1200 degrees (it is the first type of natural cement appeared in France in 1827). The pebble is then "ferré" with « cats tongue » and waxed. The bird is braided in rusty wire and his beak is cut in a branch of boxwood. The flowers are made of braided wire and natural washi (和紙) paper (quintessence between France and Japan) or score of French music.