A good place, Karatsu welcomes the French Art Gallery

Nestled between the green of nature and kilometers of coast, the city of Karatsu offers its singularity. She reveals her treasures inherited from a Japan rich in authenticity.

Resolutely turned towards the future, its heart of the city is energized to bring more services and multicultural spaces. Her spirit is being modernized to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

City of art, its many pottery galleries, its temples hidden in its small streets, its auditorium, its events and its annual festival make it a popular place for Asian tourists. Anchored in a long tradition of international relations, companies develop partnerships with other countries, most recently with France (for example : Cosmetic Center, IkiIki, Inchibankan ...). 

Sophisticated and preserved, the city of Karatsu will seduce you and its residents will welcome you !

A gateway, the concept of the French Art Gallery 

Gateway between eras, places and cultures, the art exhibited in the French Art Gallery aims to create social ties and develop knowledge. 

Selective and intergenerational, the gallery presents local contemporary art creators (France/Japan). They are exchangers of culture and stories. Their "universe" is particular, assumed but surprising.

Fundamentally optimistic,  Japanese culture influences the French Art Gallery and inspires the scenography of the exhibitions. French aesthetics infuse art into its creative space. Emotion, sensitivity and innovation motivate the choice of creations.

Passionate about art and technology, the French art gallery is a player connected to the cooperative economic network (participation in the development of human resources and infrastructures).

A pose, The French Art Gallery in Kyomachi

A stroll through the shopping district of downtown Karatsu towards Kyomachi will take you to the French Art Gallery.

Here is a traditional Japanese house that housed many generations of merchant families. Its space has been redesigned and renovated while retaining its traditional convention.

Now, the main hall, the traditional garden, the tatami rooms and its pebble path invite visitors to discover the contemporary works of the French Art Gallery. Naturally sources of well-being, these creations that came from here and far away... harmonize with this place and offer visitors a suspended pose in time and space.

The history of this house is now linked to the French Art Gallery and its wonderful artistic discoveries. Its interior design will evolve to live to the rhythm of artistic events, the needs of visitors, the city and the period.