I'm Isabelle Januel. I'm consultant and CEO of JI company. I'm gratuated in ergonomics and am trained, for exemple, in collective intelligence, sociology, psychosociology, lean factory. I direct my action towards the search for performance and well being. Customers appreciate the speed of the changes and the positive effects of my consultancy on their company. I drew on my experience to create a leadership program called IDÉE'ART.

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JI consulting

Rigor through scientific analysis
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JI consulting

Openness and creativity through the arts
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JI consulting

Agility through a performance approach

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Industrie de production d'énergie nucléaire

Industrie de production d'énergie thermique

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20 ans


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Conduite du changement

Ergonomie de correction ou de conception

Impact social

Innovation strategy and delivery

Lean & Manufacturing

Organisation et RH

Smart simplicity

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Transformation & Restructuring

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ART is a source of development



Intelligence Artistic and Collective

Development Human Ressources and Process

Environmental Design and Corporate Image

Exhibition and Acculturation

 ‘ Art at the centre of development

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