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I'm Isabelle Januel. I'm consultant and CEO of JI company. I'm gratuated in ergonomics and am trained, for exemple, in collective intelligence, sociology, psychosociology, lean factory. I direct my action towards the search for performance and well being. Customers appreciate the speed of the changes and the positive effects of my consultancy on their company. I drew on my experience to create a leadership program called IDÉE'ART.

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Respect for confidentiality promotes the expression of problems. The analysis of the activity gives you a precise vision of the dysfunctions. Collective work makes it possible to find solutions. The field vision enriches your strategy.

JI consulting

Rigor through scientific analysis
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A popularization of the concepts of human sciences to give you simple and intuitive answers. This will allow you to understand social mechanisms and generate enthusiasm for  a best anticipe the changes.

JI consulting

Openness and creativity through the arts
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JI consulting

Agility through a performance approach

IDÉE'ART is experienced and proven in complex systems such as nuclear power plants. This program improves safety, quality, production capacity and satisfaction (employees, customers). IDÉE'ART strengthens your actions and your relationship with your team.

Expertise sectorielle

Industrie de production d'énergie nucléaire

Industrie de production d'énergie thermique

Ingénierie et infrastructures






20 ans


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Conduite du changement

Ergonomie de correction ou de conception

Impact social

Innovation strategy and delivery

Lean & Manufacturing

Organisation et RH

Smart simplicity

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Transformation & Restructuring