Express your art of doing !

The creative process requires freedom of expression, experimentation, innovation and sometimes many hours of production. We want to preserve the favorable conditions for your creativity while developing your economic capacity.

for your creativity to cross the borders and barriers of an immaterial world; To give life to values ​​such as multiculturalism, transmission, learning ... We open our international network and we integrate you into a collaborative project.

Our knowledge in the field of art, as well as in the humanities and social sciences, provide you with advice to develop your approach and to express it. To create and flourish, check out our IDEE'ART offer from JI.

We Respect The artisanal Economic Model

We Open Our International Network

We Support The Artistic Démarche


Go to meet your emotions !

We believe that the creation or the contemplation of works brings serenity, raises questions, and opens the field of possibilities.

Numerous studies show that contact with art has a real impact on our physical and mental health (see the article of 2018.10.14 - Communiqué of Dr. H. Boyer of the MFDC).

We share this approach because in our professional practice we have lived many times these moments, where the world opens, where the exchanges are rich and announce a collective future,

To offer you these moments of clarity, see our offer IDDEE'Art de JI.

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Take the path of prosperity !


The viability of your project or your business depends on its originality and speed to identify and solve new problems. To this end, your learning, innovation, creativity and collaborative skills are essential to your business. (see: Davos World Economic Forum). Our offer helps you develop these skills.

"I'm Isabelle, previously a member of a nuclear power plant management team, I advised on strategy, governance, leadership, social relations, safety / security culture. Today I share my experience for as a consultant in the JI company to help you development".

 "I'm a Valentin, I'm a designer, I come from a Parisian school of interior design and graphic design. I organize art exhibitions in France and Japan. I share my time between these two countries that inspire me to create the most funny and sober works of art and design. I live by and for art, design and architecture and I hope to make you travel through my creations".

For your creativity and your performance, we have create a universal approach, it's IDEE'ART