Vesselin Vassilev - ベセィン・バシリエフ

1996 - Etudes d'art - Spécialité gravure (BG)

Diplôme Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts - Sofia

1996/2019 - Expositions (FR) (Monde)

Plus de 20 expositions personnelles (FR) (BG)

Nombreux Salons et Biennales (FR) (Monde)

2019 - Expositions (JP)

French Art Gallery - "Mer et Terre" Karatsu


2014 Mondial de L’Estampe /Chamalières (FR) 

2007 5ème Biennale de Gravure /Chaville (FR)

2000 Bourse attribuée par la Ville /Chambéry (FR)


2003 Aspects de la gravure contemporaine - Fondation Taylor /Paris (FR)

2003 Techniques de l'estampe d'art - Galerie de Lans /Chambéry (FR)

Vesselin Vassilev has been exploring the field of engravin (etching, ex-libris, linocut) for almost twenty years. In engraving technique,

he specializes in polychrome printing of one or more matrices. His works mix art and tradition according to the production techniques of the 19th century.

Each original is made from an engraving on copper foil applied on German paper of 200 to 300 g by manual pressure.

His world is focused on optical illusions and the creation of symbols and allegories through a figurative narrative rich in details. His sources of inspiration are mythological and fantastic.


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Né en 1974

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