Auclair - オクレール

2011/2015 - Etudes Bijouterie et Joaillerie (FR)

CAP Art et Technique de la bijouterie Joaillerie

Brevet des métiers d'art du Bijou et du Joyau

Diplôme des métiers d'art du Bijou et du Joyau

2010/2013 - Stages en entreprise

Herzo Créateur Bijoutier Joaillier - Lyon France

Coindre et Steiner Maison de Joaillerie - Lyon France

Claudio Turconi Artisan Joaillier - Milan Italie

Abysse Maison de haute Joaillerie - Paris France

2014/2018 - Creation de la marque AUCLAIR  (FR)

Fabrication et vente de bijoux

2019 - Exposition "Golden Week" (JP)

French Art Gallery "Golden Week"- Karatsu

French Art Gallery "Terre et Mer" - Karatsu

Alexis created the brand AUCLAIR CREATION in 2016, after having done internships in different specialties : fine jewelry in Paris, Lyon designers, use of lacquer in the Paris region, handmade jewelry in Milan ;

he was interested in basic techniques, such as sand casting or cuttlebone. The technique of melting in the cuttlebone dates back to the 13th century, it allows to decline chance and poetry.

From creation to manufacturing, his jewelry is made in France and made with a traditional way.

The box specially designed for his brand invites to discover its contemporary creations purified and inspired by Art Deco period.


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