224 Porcelaine

Tsuji Satoshi is someone who differentiates himself from Japanese standards, with his minimalist porcelain he tries to adapt to a new environment of Japanese interiors.

After long-term research, today this ceramist is recognized in Japan (report on the national chain as the NHK) and even participates in international exhibitions (Milan, Paris, China, ...).

He never ceases to surprise and to interest with his new projects all those who discover him, or who knows him alread.

2003 (2012-independent)

Country :

Né en 1979

Age :


Debut de production :

(つじ さとし)224porcelain 彼は嬉野市「肥前吉田焼」の中でトップランナーとして走り続けています。


Exemple de production : cliquez sur l'image